Samsung Fascinate DL09 Update Breaking SDCARD Functionality?


Samsung just can’t seem to catch a break with their Galaxy S series of Android-powered phones. First it was poor GPS reception (something that still plagues many phones to this day), then poor-performance in the form of “lag” due to their proprietary RFS filesystem, and lately the seemingly endless delays getting Android 2.2 Froyo on the devices.

Verizon recently pushed out a maintenance release to their Galaxy S, the Samsung Fascinate. The DL09 update didn’t bring Froyo, but it is reported to improve GPS and overall performance.

Unfortunately, the fix seems to have a fairly significant side-effect: whatever they did to try to fix the RFS filesystem on the SDCARD renders the same unmountable by a PC or Mac. In other words, if you used to connect your Fascinate to your computer to copy files to/from it, after the DL09 update, you can’t.

There is a work-around involving downloading and installing Verizon’s VCast Media Manager software (over 100 MB) and running through dozens of somewhat complex steps. If you find yourself in this situation, get on the phone with Verizon technical support to help walk you through all the steps, and make sure to voice your dissatisfaction.

Since the Fascinate is a Galaxy S phone, all of which use RFS as their filesystem, will be see this error recur on devices from other manufacturers? Or was this move deliberate and likely tied to some DRM copy-protection scheme specific to Verizon?

Source: Android Central

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