Get 10 New WP7 Applications Worth $29.2 For Free From LG


LG has made it very clear that it will bring free applications to its dedicated LG apps store inside Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for those users that are LG device owners. There were new titles added at the beginning of December and now, one month later, 10 new applications worth $29.2 are offered for free.

If you have an LG Windows Phone 7, like the LG Optimus 7 or the LG Quantum/Optimus 7Q, fire up Marketplace, head over to LG apps store and you’ll find the following titles being offered to you for free:

1. Cocktail Flow (Value: $2.99) – The popular cocktail anthology and recipe collection with a stunning design that lets you not only discover but also prepare your favorite cocktails.

2. Doodle God (Value: $2.99) – The award winning popular game which enables you to create virtual storms, build armies, grow a civilization, create more than 190 items and concepts.

3. Color Sprouts (Value: $1.99): A drawing and coloring application for children with templates and Bing Image search integration. Pictures created can be saved to the Collection and later shared.

4. envision for Basecamp (Value: $9.99): The most expensive title of the pack offered for free. Is a project management tool that has all the functionalities of the original website but with the power of mobility and speed delivered to Windows Phone 7.

5. Krashlander (Value: $0.99): A physics game where you need to destroy robots but take gravity into consideration while you’re heading down mountains and jumping in your crash suit.

6. Colorize (Value: $1.29): A creative image manipulation tool that allows you to convert images to greyscale and then colorize them playing with colors and your creativity.

7. Weave (Value: $2.99): A powerful RSS reader application for news and blogs that aggregates all the feeds and displays them in a nice Metro UI-obeying interface.

8. Talking Ragdoll (Value: $0.99): Allows you to create talking ragdolls from pictures of you and your friends that will repeat anything you tell them in a funny voice.

9. Mobile Sommelier / Food and Wine Pairing (Value: $2.99): Created by professional wine connoisseurs, can serve as a guide for picking the right drink with the right food.

10. Mr. Hat and the Magic Cube (Value: $1.99): A fun game for children where they need to help Mr. Hat and his friends to reunite the stolen pieces of his cube by surpassing obstacles offered by the puzzles that will put their skills to the test.

Additionally, LG is also offering its own Network Setup to help LG Windows Phone 7 owners configure their network settings. To check if your country (and operator) is listed, make sure to read the description of the app.

Note: These applications are offered for free by LG only for LG Windows Phone 7 device owners. If you don’t have a Windows Phone 7 LG, you will need to buy/try the applications as usual.

Source: LG, Marketplace

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