WP7 Live Services Security Cracked, Full HD2 Port Imminent?


Highly-regarded Windows Mobile developer and XDA senior moderator Da_G has reportedly been able to bypass the Genuine Advantage security protection on Windows Phone 7, enabling him to get live services like Xbox, Marketplace, and Zune working on an HTC HD2. The news was casually passed along by senior member AndrewSh, a user with over 1,000 posts. With the Dark Forces Team — the group behind MAGLDR and HD2 NAND Android booting — having successfully gotten WP7 running on HD2, the only real challenge up to this point has been enabling full functionality with regards to the services that “phone home” to Microsoft.

Notably, it was Da_G himself who lamented on the heavy cloud-based security back in November, stating that:

“Nearly all the major functions on the device operate by shuttling data to and from the “cloud”, presenting different methods to the user for getting their data on to the device. However as these services interact quite a bit with Microsoft’s own servers, they have considerably beefed up the security in this area. Each device contains a “Device Provisioning Partition” or DPP that contains a unique certificate assigned to the device at the factory. Each certificate is verified locally by the device in several places, and also uploaded and verified by the “Cloud” for each transaction. Loading Windows Phone 7 on to a device that did not originally come with the platform would result in having an invalid certificate, and these services will not function properly.”

Well apparently Da_G has found a way to fool or otherwise bypass this Device Provisioning Partition, so that when a WP7 build is eventually released for HD2, it should be almost fully functional (although it will still require the use of a RAM loader, as opposed to a direct flash a la Windows Mobile). Since Da_G has been maintaining radio silence on XDA since Christmas, this development has yet to be verified, so we’ll update when this becomes official.

Source: XDA

Thanks: HD2owner

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