Verizon HTC Thunderbolt 4G: 1.2GHz Dual-Core, 128GB microSDXC? [Update]


Ready for some HTC Thunderbolt 4G details? German phone site HTC Inside has posted what purports to be an internal screenshot displaying the upcoming smartphone’s capabilities, and the figures are quite impressive if accurate.

The Thunderbolt will supposedly run a dual-core Snapdragon MSM8960 at 1.2GHz, which should put it near the top of smartphone performance rankings, even without software fully taking advantage of the second core. We’re also very interested in the claim that the phone will support storage expansion up to 128GB. Breaking the 32GB barrier requires the use of SDXC cards, making this the first smartphone to support the standard. Right now you can’t find SDXC cards larger than 64GB, but a little future-proofing never hurt anyone.

Also notable among the specifications, the leaked image claims that the Thunderbolt’s front camera will be a full five megapixels, accompanying the rear eight-megapixel sensor. If true, that would make for hardware capable of 720p video calls, assuming that the processor and wireless connection can keep up.

The rest of the specs are nothing mind-blowing, confirming a lot of what we both heard and just expected of the phone. It should run Android 2.3, sport that kickstand we looked at, and have 16GB of internal flash storage. Even if not every one of these claims check out, the Thunderbolt still looks like it will be one of the leading devices to emerge from the CES.


Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but MobileTechWorld has pointed out that the beefy MSM8960 chip these specs report the Thunderbolt as running won’t be a possibility at the time the phone would likely start shipping. The availability of the MSM8960 to hardware designers won’t even begin until next year, meaning it should be much later before we see it in any phones. And if that’s wrong, who knows about the rest of these Thunderbolt details?

Source: HTC Inside (via Google Translate)

Thanks: anonymous, MobileTechWorld

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