Android SMS Bug Not Fixed Yet


We all like the convenience of text messaging, and it’s fairly straight forward. You send a message, you get a response, you send a reply, and so on. What could go wrong? According to a bug report, what could go wrong is when you send your messages to one person and they get sent to someone else.

How to replicate the problem:

1. Stop the Messaging app

2. Clear the Messaging app’s data

3. Open the Messaging app and send some messages

4. Verify the messages were sent to correct addresses

5. Send a message to a number that is not in your contacts

6. Get a reply from the previous step and read said message (do not delete the message thread)

7. Get a message from another phone that is in your contacts

8. Reply to that message

9. Check the message details of your sent message

10. Repeat steps 7-9 a couple of times

Unfortunately, sometimes when sending texts, instead of the intended recipient getting the message, someone else that you have recently messaged will get it. What’s more, if you go into the “View Message Details” in the thread of the intended recipient, the “To” field of the erroneous message will show the addressee as the person who actually got the message — not necessarily the intended person.

Google is aware of the problem and lists it as “Priority-Medium”. Unfortunately, it’s been that way since June 2010, which makes me wonder: if this is “Priority-Medium”, what does it take to be “Priority-High”?



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