Who / What Will Be the Biggest Smartphone Losers in 2011?


We’re almost done with our series of year-end wrap-up / prediction posts — we’ve already looked back at the biggest letdowns of 2010 as well as forward to probable winners and exciting technologies in 2011 — but before we culminate by crowning the best smartphone of 2010, we wanted to take one more look ahead to the biggest likely losers in the smartphone space next year. Whether you choose a phone, company, technology, or individual, we want to know your predictions for the leading flops of 2011, the failures that we’ll be talking about for some time to come. To get you started, we’ve polled a few of the Pocketnow editors and republished their comments below:


Video calling — Video chat was DOA, and it won’t help that OEMs are planning smartphones with front-facing cameras on higher speed 4G networks.


Symbian — With only one manufacturer still pushing out Symbian phones — while it feverishly works on another, higher-end platform on the side — this operating system was in a world of hurt this year, so much so that the European Union stepped in with support for the “strategically-important” ecosystem. We don’t expect a resurgence in 2011.


Android — Windows Phone 7 will start taking from its user pool, one person at a time. With copy/paste update, bugfixes and feature improvements through promised updates, Microsoft can climb in the market by taking Android and iPhone market share.


HP Palm webOS — Even though the Palm Web OS is a fantastic mobile operating system, its mind-share, market share, and developer appeal seems way too low to be successful in 2011.


KIN — ‘Nuff said.


Nokia — Nokia is too far behind and I don’t think they will be catching up anytime soon (at least in the US). They’ve lost the attention of consumers almost completely.


RIM — After viewing research, and from word of mouth, it seems that consumers are not impressed with RIM anymore.


Symbian — Nokia is doing a valiant job keeping the OS alive, but it’s going to take a miracle for it to shine in 2011.

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