4 New Year’s Resolutions Made Easier with Android


Your Android-powered device is so much more than just a phone, with New Year’s right around the corner, what apps can you install to help you succeed with your resolutions and goals?

1. Lose Some Weight

One of the New Year’s Resolutions that seems to be on most everyone’s list is losing weight. Whether that’s because we eat too much over the holidays, or if it’s just a good time to try and re-invent our body image, losing the weight (and keeping it off) isn’t an easy task. That’s in part because as time goes on we forget to keep track of our progress, whether good or bad. Even when we do remember, simply monitoring your weight doesn’t tell the whole story. You need to know how much of that is fat, and how much is muscle.

We’ve mentioned the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale on the site in the past. To recap, it’s a scale that connects to a website through your internet connection, over Wi-Fi. Once the data is on their site they can crunch the numbers, figure out your BMI, fat percentage, and a bunch more cool “health geek” stuff.

With an app for your Android (or iPhone), you can monitor your progress any time, any where — especially before you order that cheesecake for desert.

2. Get out of Debt

While many will resolve to pay off one credit card or another, accomplishing the goal of paying off all of your debt is much like losing weight — and equally as hard to “keep it off”. It’s also easy to get discouraged, or lose track of your progress (or lack thereof).

Financial Guru Dave Ramsey has a good book that I’d recommend to get you started. This is one of my personal resolutions.

Getting out of debt sounds simple: stop going further into debt, and pay off what debt you already owe. The former is accomplished by staying on top of your finances. For that, these two apps will come in handy.

Mint.com is a service that lets you aggregate all your accounts (bank accounts, credit cards, auto loans, investments) into one place so you can see your current financial health. It can help you with a budget, balance your checkbook, and automate the stuff that’s a chore to do manually — and available at a glance on your Android. In short, it can help you stop getting further into debt.

If your bank is like mine, they’ll have an Android app available so you can see your balances and what has cleared your account. My bank uses Mobile Banking for Android. You’ll want to check with your bank to see what app they want you to use.

The other requirement to getting out of debt (paying off what you owe) can be accomplished using a method called the “debt snowball”. Using this method, you make only minimum payments against all your debts except the smallest. You then scrimp together every cent that you can and pay it toward your smallest debt, in addition to its minimum payment. As soon as that is paid off you take that debt’s minimum payment, plus the extra you’ve scrimped together every month, and pay it against the next smallest debt.

This can help you knock out a bunch of debt FAST. An app to help you do that is called Pay Off Debt.

So now that you’ve got a couple tools to stay on top of your accounts, you may want to grab the Ask Dave Ramsey app to help you stay focused, and provide motivation along your path to financial security.

3. Be a Better Spouse

Even for those of you who aren’t married, if you have a significant other in your life, you know that relationships need care and nurturing. How you can best do that really depends on the other person, since the key to a good relationship is selflessness.

If your partner is a romantic sap (like me), they might enjoy an occasional romantic quote.

Remembering key dates (birthday and anniversary) can go a long way to helping in a relationship. I don’t have any particular app to recommend to help remind you of these dates since simply adding them as repeating events to your Google Calendar should take care of it for you. Just don’t forget to put the dates in your calendar.

4. Be a Better Parent, Person

Having a better relationship with your significant other is important, but equally so is being a better parent if you have children, and being a better person in general. I don’t have any apps to suggest for those resolutions, that’s where I hope you can help out!

What apps do you use to help with parenting, to get along better with people at work, school, or on the bus?

What are your resolutions? Is there an app you’re using to help you achieve your goals?

Image: TGP, Inc.

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