Do You Have an Android without a Notification LED?


The Nexus S is an awesome phone, but it doesn’t have a color-coded notification LED to let you know what kind of event you may have just missed. This sort of notification LED comes in really hand in “discreet” situations like theaters and company meetings.

To address this a fairly inventive developer took a very novel approach, and basically turned the entire screen into a notification LED — after all, it’s an LED screen, right?

What the NoLED app does is listens for events that would have been displayed via a notification LED and turns on a color-coded bundle of pixels on the SuperAMOLED screen. To make this even more useful, the “pixel bundles” can be replaced with representative (but still color-coded) icons. To prevent screen burn-in the app moves them around the screen periodically.

You’re probably thinking that it doesn’t make much sense to turn on your entire screen just to serve as a notification LED, until you remember that SuperAMOLED screens use almost no power to displaying “black” pixels — only the colored pixels would consume any power.

Other Galaxy S phones also have a SuperAMOLED screen and can benefit from this app, but phones with other types of screens will suffer a power draw when the notifications are being displayed.

NoLED is available for free in the Android Market.

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