Detailed Walk-Through of ROM Manager for Android


Remember all those adb and fastboot commands I’ve told you about in previous posts? How about the “hand-gymnastics” that you have to perform to get into recovery mode? Hate having to go out and check for a new version of your custom ROM?

If you’ve ever wanted to flash a ROM, install a custom recovery image, partition an sdcard, or even run “fix permissions”, this app is the most powerful, easiest to use way to do not one, but all of those.

Lucky for you, those are all replaced in one easy to use, very powerful app called ROM Manager.

Table of Contents:

1:25 – Vocabulary and background

3:05 – Firing up ROM Manager

3:27 – Flashing a recovery image

3:58 – Rebooting into recovery mode

4:15 – Install ROM from SD card

4:38 – Check for ROM Updates

5:09 – Installing a ROM from a QR Code

6:04 – Backup and Restore

6:27 – Fix Permissions

7:26 – Partition SD Card

8:58 – Flashing other recovery images

9:18 – Downloading & Installing a custom ROM

11:35 – Installing the custom ROM

14:00 – Recap

ROM Manager comes in two flavors from the Android Market: free, and Premium (which costs US$4.99). Only users who have rooted their phone will get any value from this app, but once you’ve seen what it can do, if you don’t have root, you’ll want to get it right away.

rm iconrm qr

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