Amazon Plays to Both Sides with Kindle App Commercials


Last night I saw an Amazon Kindle app ad on TV. I felt vindicated: Amazon was showing us that users who read books on their iPhone could (would?) switch to an Android-powered phone where they would have access to all their books from the “other” platform.

My wife looked at me, rolled her eyes, and said “great, now you’re going to go on about how even Amazon thinks Android is better than iPhone, aren’t you?” She knows me pretty well, doesn’t she.

So today I decided to share that commercial with all of you, as proof that Android will soon be “supreme ruler of all the smartphones”. I went to YouTube to grab the video, but to my surprise, the video I watched was the other way around: the same actress went from Android to iPhone! I was astonished. How could Amazon release one commercial on TV, and an opposite one on the Internet?

And then I realized: they’d shot two. One to cater to the Apple fanboys, and one for the Android fanboys. Tricky, Amazon, real tricky.

Of course, the point of the commercials isn’t about which platform is “better”, it’s underscoring the fact their you can read their books on virtually any platform out there — then switch to another one without losing your books in the process.

Here they are, for your viewing pleasure.

Android to iPhone

iPhone to Android

screen screen (1)

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