How To Make Your G2, Desire Z Keyboard Tighter


Some people don’t like the way the keyboard on the T-Mobile G2 and HTC Desire Z lifts up and back (rather than sliding). They’ve voiced concerns over what they call the “fragility” of the hinges, and the ease in which the keyboard can unintentionally open or close while beings used in various positions. I don’t share these concerns, and haven’t had any problems with my keyboard opening or closing when I didn’t want it to — unless I was using it upside down.

Be that as it may, one particularly adventurous tinkerer has found a way to adjust the mechanism to keep the phone closed a little more tightly than the stock configuration.

“I can have the KB open, G2 upside down and shake it fairly vigorously before it will begin to close now! Definite improvement!”

Unfortunately, his “fix” isn’t for the feint of heart, clumsy, or those who aren’t willing to void their warranty. Additionally, you’ll need a T5 screwdriver and a “puny” Phillips screwdriver. Those in hand, you can check out the tear-down instructions to see step-by-step how to take your phone apart.

You only need to follow the tear-down instructions as far as the PCB removal. At that step you’ll have access to the spring mechanism in the hinge. Once there you should be able to take out the spring and “stretch it a little”. Put it back in, and reassemble everything. A commenter to the thread at XDA-Developers says to “BE SUPER DUPER careful with PLUGGING IN the micro-SD ribbon cable when you reassemble”. Apparently he broke one of the spring tension pins on the microsd slot at that step.

What do you think? Have you had problems with your phone accidentally opening or closing on you? If so, are you willing to go through these steps in an attempt to remedy that issue?

Source: XDA-Developers

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