HP’s Palm webOS 2.0 Has Easter Egg, Too


Palm has reportedly reverted to its playful ways of old, including an Easter Egg in its platform for the first time since the original PalmOS. Like the cartoon taxi which appeared after performing a particular gesture on a specific screen in that legacy operating system, webOS 2.0 delivers its own Egg in the form of a shower of round cows — yes, like the farm animal — when an email is received with the subject “supercowpowers.” Linux users may recognize this as a reference to the ASCII-drawn cow which would appear in some builds when the command “apt-get moo” was entered.

This is the second Easter Egg we’ve seen in as many days, following yesterday’s revelation that Android 2.3 Gingerbread features an amusing bit of abstract art which pops up when the version number is rapidly tapped in the About Phone screen.

Although there is currently no way for consumers to buy a subsidized webOS 2.0 device in the US yet — Verizon’s Palm Pre 2 should be arriving shortly — unlocked, second-gen Pre units are currently available directly from HP. Moreover, all current webOS devices will eventually be receiving the 2.0 upgrade, although a timetable for that rollout has not been revealed yet.

Source: Twitter

Via: pre|central

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