Apple Reveals Top iPhone Apps of 2010


Apple has released top ten lists of the most downloaded free and paid iPhone and iPod touch apps of 2010, as well as those apps with the highest total gross. Besides itemizing the top overall titles, Apple also allows you to drill down by category, revealing the top 10 apps using the same three criteria for all 20 App Store genres. Unsurprisingly, every single one of the most downloaded paid apps was a game, with megahit Angry Birds leading the way, followed by other well-known titles like Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, and Cut the Rope; Birds’ 99 cent price tag kept it from being the top grossing program this year, as it came in second to At Bat 2010. Also not much of a shock was Facebook’s continued rule atop all free apps, followed by Angry Birds Lite, Skype, The Weather Channel, and somewhat surprisingly, Microsoft’s iOS Bing client.

Some other observations:

– Google Mobile came in third behind both Bing and among free Reference apps.

– Kindle beat out the Barnes and Noble NOOK app in the free Book apps category, with the two clients placing first and fourth, respectively.

– Recent Quicken pickup and first TechCrunch 50 winner Mint placed fifth among free Finance titles.

– Six of the top ten free healthcare and fitness apps promise to aid in weight loss.

– Calorie tracking is big business, with three of the top paid Healthcare apps promising to help with the count.

– MapQuest was the top free navigation app, beating out MotionX GPS Lite…

– …but MotionX apps took first and second place in the more important paid Navigation category.

– FOX News’ app led the free News category, followed by the New York Times and NPR News. The free White House app placed tenth.

– Paid News apps were a different story, with second-place Drudge Report losing out to CNN.

– ESPN claimed the top two spots in free Sports apps.

– ESPN claimed the top two spots in paid Sports apps.

– A program called Free Books is the top paid app in Books.

– More people have paid for The Moron Test than any other Entertainment app.

– Silly auto-tune vocal effects app I Am T-Pain was purchased more times than other Music titles.

– Despite a totally functional free version being available, the paid AIM client takes fourth among non-free Social Networking apps.

– Five free apps ruled their respective categories when sorted by highest gross, suggesting that in-app purchases can be quite profitable for developers.

Source: iTunes

Via: BGR

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