What’s New in CyanogenMod 6.1?


With all the news surrounding Gingerbread and Honeycomb coming out of the woodwork, I haven’t had a chance to let you all know that CyanogenMod (my favorite Custom ROM) has been updated yet again, and has been released as a stable build.

Version 6.0 brought us Froyo (even to devices that haven’t seen — and probably won’t see) Android 2.2. This time it’s Android 2.2.1, plus a whole bunch of goodness.

Since CyanogenMod is available for quite a few devices, the change-log is divided into enhancements common all devices (prefaced with “Common:”), and those that are specific to certain devices (prefaced by their code-name).

Common: Update to Android 2.2.1

Common: Various bugfixes from AOSP and CodeAurora

Common: ADWLauncher 1.3.3 – Ander Webbs

Common: Configurable audio focus for music app – Jonas Larsson

Common: APN cleanup (fixes many issues with GPS and MMS) – Cyanogen

Common: Use ARMv6 optimizations for DS/Hero targets – Ninpo

Common: AudioDSP updates – Antti S. Lankila

Common: Status bar themes – Michael Webster

Common: Email app updates** – Michael Webster

Common: Selected kernel optimizations – Kernelzilla

Common: EMMC support – Koush

Common: Camcorder touch-to-focus – Cyanogen

Common: Notification “quiet hours” – Evan Charlton

Common; Superuser 2.3.6 – Adam Shanks (ChainsDD)

Common: Camera/camcorder continuous autofocus – Cyanogen

Common: Camera option sliders – Cyanogen

Common: Control locking of MMS app in memory – Julian J. M

Common: Kill foreground app by long-pressing back – Evan Charlton

Common: New AppWidgetPicker dialog – [email protected]

Common: FileManager app – OpenIntents (graphics update from Fitsnugly)

Common: Anonymous install statistics gathering – Chris Soyars

Common: Stable shot camera mode – Cyanogen

Common: Dual-mode snooze (long press dismiss) – Evan Charlton

Common: Compose SMS/MMS via search button long press – Wes Garner

Common: Notification category support – Pedlar

Common: Galaxy S style power widget in notification bar – Pedlar

Common: Autodetect if we should use /cache for system dex files – Kali-

Common: Quick PIN unlock – gsarrica

Common: Increase performance of Gallery3D caching system – Androbot

Common: Gallery3D bugfixes and improvements – CodeAurora

Common: Gallery3D highres patches – Petar Šegina

Common: Skia performance enhancements – CodeAurora

Common: APN list update – Paul Weiss

Common: Fix AGPS issues on all platforms

Common: Ability to customize location to save attachments in MMS – Wes Garner

Common: Dismiss notifications by swiping – Evan Charlton

Common: Enabled Sound Recorder app

Common: Bluetooth OBEX performance boost – Sony

Common: Updated Terminal Emulator app – Jack Palevich

Common: Updated headset drawables – blunden

Common: Optional overscrolling – Google, Arcee, Robert Burns

Common: Messaging/Phone sliders on lockscreen – Rodolfo Hurtado

Common: Lockscreen gestures – Michael Webster

Common: Camera bugfixes (mostly for Droid) – Michael Webster

Common: Bluetooth FTP server profile – CodeAurora

Common: New wallpapers – Prash

Common: Super duper unified flashlights – Michael Webster

Common: Launch applications via DeskClock – Evan Charlton

N1/Bravo/Incredible/Supersonic/Vision/Ace: FM Radio support – MIUI – http://miui.com (graphics from Fitsnugly, HaXzAmaTiC, and blunden – bugfixes and extra features from Cyanogen, Zinx, mtwebster, and Wysie))

N1/DS/Bravo(c)/Supersonic – Unified kernel (Cyanogen, toastcfh, Kali-, defer, Zinx, ezterry, Pershoot, and others)

N1: Increased camera performance – Charan Singh

N1: Enhanced battery driver – Roger Podacter, theloginwithnoname

DS: Updated hardware drivers from official release

DS: CompCache sizes can be adjusted through CMParts – Wes Garner

DS: Removed bootloader/radio asserts – GOOD LUCK

Supersonic – Kernel 2.6.34 courtesy of Toast and Madcoder

Supersonic – Use WiMAX LED for notifications – Cyanogen

Bravo: Kernel merged with cm-kernel – Kali, Defer

Espresso: Improve backlights – Wes Garner

Espresso/Legend/Liberty: Kernel OC patch – dumfuq (no OC by default)

Espresso/Legend/Liberty: Using media libs from 2.2

Espresso: Fixed Bluetooth SCO

Legend/Supersonic: Proper notification light support – Alex Hofbauer

Incredible: Enable torch app

Incredible: Better internal storage support – Josh Stone

Sholes: Enable Torch app – mtwebster

Vision: Kernel, many improvements, 1.4GHz capable (coolbho3k), new ganeth driver (zinx)

Vision: Quickeys implementation – Optedoblivion

Vision: Insane GPS fix – Zinx

Vision: LED enhancement – Pershoot

Droid: Kernel

If you’re running CyanogenMod on your phone, this update is an absolute necessity. If you’re not running CyanogenMod yet, there’s never been a better time than now!

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