Sony Ericsson LiveView Unboxing and Impressions


The Sony Ericsson LiveView is touted as “your window to the world”. It’s a Bluetooth device that can be paired with your Android-powered device, worn as a watch or clipped on to your clothing, and displays information from your phone on its diminutive touchscreen so you don’t have to pull out your cell phone (or tablet) to decide if you want to act on the alert.

Cool concept, right? Let’s take a look at the device and what comes with it.

First impressions mean a lot. Aside from the packaging being a bit mangled and the device itself looking a bit “thick”, overall I was impressed. I would have liked it to come with a charge on its battery so I could start using it right away, but most electronics “ruin Christmas” by requiring that you plug them in and not touch them for 6-8 hours after they’ve been opened — the LiveView is no different in that regard.

After charging the device I finally got a chance to see what it looked like and how it functioned.

Video table of contents:

1:00 Orienting the watch clip

1:29 Getting the clip off

2:00 Installing into the watch clip

3:20 Connecting to the LiveView app

4:43 LiveView App overview

7:40 Plugins overview

9:30 LiveView Device walk-through

10:35 Using Plugins

13:25 Conclusions

Not to spoil the surprise, here’s the video.

Obviously my experience with the LiveView hasn’t been that great. But, don’t be dissuaded terribly by my review. Before you decide not to buy one for yourself or a loved one, here’s how it’s supposed to work:

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