Running CyanogenMod 6.1? Get a Taste of Gingerbread Today!


If you’re running the recently released CyanogenMod 6.1, which is based on the AOSP of Android Froyo (2.2), you can flash a theme and get a first-hand look at what Gingerbread (2.3) is going to look like.

No, this isn’t actually Gingerbread, rather it’s a theme that replaces much of the user-interface elements with those from the Gingerbread SDK that was released earlier this week. As such, it’s not 100% what Gingerbread looks like, and there may be some things that aren’t fully functional yet.

To get this working “right” I had to disable automatic brightness, and some labels were unreadable (they were black text on a black background). Otherwise, this really makes your phone look like the Gingerbread devices we’ve seen in the videos. Combine this with the Gingerbread keyboard that we told you about earlier and you can really get a sense of what Gingerbread is going to look and feel like on your phone. I’m amazed at how simple and elegant the icons in the notification bar look compared to those in Froyo.


If you’d like to give it a try download the .zip from XDA-Developers to the root of your sdcard, make a current backup of your system, and flash the .zip over CyanogenMod 6.1 using ROM Manager or from your custom Recovery. If you want to switch back simply restore the backup that you made (or re-flash CyanogenMod 6.1).

Source: XDA-Developers

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