Pocketnow Dream Phones: Brandon’s Pico-Projecting Candybar


Pocketnow Dream Phones is a new series where Pocketnow.com editors get to work with a professional artist to design our own dream phones. Introducing the PN1!

Form Factor:

After trying nearly every form factor on the planet, there’s one that is just right for me: the QWERTY candybar. There’s nothing like a fantastic hardware keyboard to type a long email on the go. Slide-out keyboards can be great, but they’re less efficient than a keyboard that is always “open” no matter what. Also, sliding keyboards require the screen to rotate into landscape, which can often take time, and toll the CPU (and thus battery). This form factor lends to productivity because you can carry out most device functions while keeping your fingers planted on the keyboard.

PN1 2 small

The PN1 is super thin at just 0.39″, allowing it to easily slip into a pocket. It’s quite tall at 4.68″ because of the striking 3.5″ super high resolution AMOLED display. The pixel density of the screen, at 366ppi, is higher than any other smartphone that exists.

PN1 4 small

For fast access to the phone function (since, afterall, this makes calls), the PN1 features dedicated call start and end keys, which are becoming rare these days. Additionally, the PN1 sports an optical mouse for fast scrolling through web pages and emails without having to move your fingers up to the screen for swiping. For fast app launching, the PN1 features two programmable hardware buttons.


The PN1 is powerful (and with such a high resolution display, it needs the horsepower). It features a 1.5GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, coupled with a full 1GB of RAM and 1GB of ROM. Of course, the PN1 features a microSD slot for storage up to 32GB. The rear camera takes photos at 8MP (with autofocus and a dual LED flash), while the front camera can shoot 3MP photos. There’s also an HDMI output for connecting the phone to an external television. Powering everything is a huge 1750mAh battery, which provides up to 10 hours of continuous talk time.

Built-in Pico Projector:

We’re still years from integrated pico projectors becoming common, but the PN1 pulls off this hardware feature with style. A panel on the rear swivels open to reveal the phone’s projector, capable of displaying whatever is on the screen at the full 1024×768 resolution. Due to its powerful LED lamp, you can project up to a 30″ equivalent display up to ten feet away. There is also a convenient built-in kickstand to prop the phone on a table when using the projector.

The pico projector has many uses. Not only is it ideal for showing off pictures or video without requiring your friends to be huddled around the phone’s display, but because the PN1 supports Bluetooth keyboards and mice, the device can instantly become a mobile work station, complete with a large, high resolution 30″ projected display, and the input control of a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Bliss!

Operating System:

The PN1 runs Windows Phone 7. Despite all of its shortfalls (especially lack of fast app switching), it’s still one of the most refreshing and pleasing-to-use mobile operating systems out there. Granted, Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support many of the features of this device (like the pico projector, high resolution display, and HDMI output), this is my dream phone, so those thing don’t matter.

Stay tuned for another edition of Pocketnow Dream Phones, plus a contest where one Pocketnow reader will be able to design his or her dream phone!

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