Motorola DROID X Update Coming Soon, Bringing Madden NFL 2011


Here at we love updates. Updates bring bug-fixes, performance enhancements, and added features. But when is an update not really an update? When it includes bloatware. “Bloatware” is software that isn’t necessary to the operation of a given device, but is non-optionally included by that device’s manufacturer or distributor. Most bloatware can’t be uninstalled by the device owner, either. That’s not to say that all bloatware is necessarily “bad”, just that it’s non-necessary and an end-user should be able to removed it if they so desire.

Why the monologue on bloatware on an article about an update to the DROID X, you ask? It seems that an upcoming maintenance update to Verizon’s DROID X by Motorola is “coming sometime soon”. Most of the inclusions seem appropriate, updates to the preloaded Adobe Flash Player and MyVerizon apps — and Madden NFL 2011.

It’s that last app that’s the bloatware. I’m not arguing whether or not the app is cool (I’ve never played it), I am, however, disappointed that Verizon felt it necessary to include in a maintenance update to their phone — YOUR phone.

There is the matter of partnering with the NFL that Verizon is taking advantage of, but for those of you who don’t play games on your phone, or aren’t fans of football, there’s a couple dozen MB that you probably aren’t going to get back.

One last item to note: no, this update isn’t Gingerbread for the DROID X. Sorry to burst that bubble.

Source: Droid-Life

Via: Phandroid

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