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Not happy with the stock Android web browser? Perhaps you crave a better interface for tab management, or perhaps you just want something a little faster. Fortunately, you’ve got a lot of choices. Here’s a rundown of our favorite third-party Android browsers, all of which are free and available in the Android Market.

NetFront Life


This could be the best web browser for people that want a cleaner way to navigate through open windows, web history, and favorite sites. It’s not the fastest browser, but it’s very much different than anything else that is out there.

Firefox 4 Beta


Mozilla has been working on a mobile version Firefox for ages, and the latest beta for Android is quite good. It seemlesly connects with Firefox Sync so that you can syncronize passwords and bookmarks between your desktop and phone. It also works with a wide variety of plugins, allowing you to customize your mobile web experience.

Opera Mobile


Opera Mobile for Android could be the fastest Android browser thanks to the great speed-dial opening screen, and the addition of Opera Turbo for server-side page rendering. It also features a slick 3D interface for flipping between tabs.

Skyfire 3.0

skyfire 3 0

Skyfire 3.0 for Android, while still not as refined and fast as the newest versions for Windows Mobile, brings forth unique features to help you more easily share pages on Facebook, and to watch online video.

Dolphin HD


Dolphin HD for Android is one of the more advanced web browsers available for the platform. It features a slick (and familiar) tab interface, an RSS detection system, and fast page rendering times.

What is your favorite browser for Android?

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