Two Killer Survival Apps for Android


Maybe calling them “killer” apps in the context of survival isn’t the best choice of words.

The first app is simply called Survive! and features content from Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast which talks about common-sense emergency preparedness, becoming more self-sufficient and less dependent upon external “systems”, and strives to help you “live a better life if things get tough — or even if they don’t”. Jack isn’t one of the cammo-wearing, end-of-the-world naysayers that some think up when they hear the word “survivalist”. I’ve been listening to Jack for a long time and can’t recommend his podcast enough!

Fair warning: Jack talks about stuff like self-sufficiency, self-defense, and taking care of and being able to defend yourself and your family.

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The second app is entitled U.S. Army Survival Guide and features the entire contents of the U.S. Army survival guide on your phone, offline, without the need of a network connection — which you probably won’t have in an emergency situation.

U.S. Army Survival Guide can come in handy for hikers and backpackers, mountain bikers, campers and hunters, and anyone who enjoys doing stuff in the outdoors — or happens to find them-self in the wilderness and in need of hints, tips, or even just a refresher on what to do in an emergency situation. And if you don’t want to occupy precious internal storage for an app that you might never use, the developer (milodroid) has enabled moving it to your sdcard if you’re installing it on phones powered by Android 2.2+.

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Both apps are free and available in the Android Market.

Unfortunately, it should go without saying that both of these apps require that your Android have power — you can’t use either one if you’ve let your battery run dead, which is a distinct possibility in an emergency situation. For those cases might I recommend picking up a solar-powered charger or two?

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