More Details About the Android Market Update


We recently told you about some upcoming changes to the Android Market. Today Google announced a little more information.

First, they have added support for a recent changes feature, which allows a developer to add notes about changes specific to the newest version of your application (pretty much a changelog for the latest version highlighting why you should update from your old version of an app). Additionally, developers will be able to submit this information from the Developer Console, very similar to how app descriptions are added today. To the end-user, when looking in the Android Market, this new information will be displayed under the app description as “Recent changes”.

Second, developers can now upload an app as a “draft” which will let them edit their app listing and upload a new version without affecting the version in Market. Once the developer has all the changes made they can “Publish” the updates to the Market.

Lastly, Google is adding support for better promotional graphics to help show off and showcase the application. Currently developers supply a screenshot (or two).

With this change developers will be required to upload one “feature” graphic in the landscape aspect ratio, and fairly high-resolution at 1024 x 500 pixels.

Developers will also be required to provide a high-resolution icon (512 x 512) which follow the Android icon design guidelines.

Screen-shots will increase from two to eight (only one will be required) that are in any of the follow dimensions: 320w x 480h,

A optional link to a promotional video (hosted on YouTube, of course) will help explain exactly what an app is, does and looks like.

Source: Google’s Android Market Team

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