Five Ways to Increase Battery Life in Windows Phone 7


In this video we cover a handful of ways that you can squeeze more life out of your battery in Windows Phone 7. While a lot of these tips are applicable to any smartphone device, some are specific to just Windows Phone 7.

As a recap from the video:

1. If your phone has an AMOLED screen, be sure you’re using the dark color scheme. AMOLED screens work differently than LCD, and the more black that is being displayed on your screen, the better.

2. Use WiFi whenever possible because it’s more efficient than 3G. Turn off “ask to join networks” so your device isn’t constantly trying to latch onto hotspots.

3. Try to limit the number of email accounts on your device to just two. Windows Phone 7 in particular has trouble handling many email accounts (to the detriment of battery life, in our tests).

4. Turn off GPS Location.

5. Turn off Feedback.

Do you have any battery-saving tips for Windows Phone 7?

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