Sony Ericsson: Android Best Platform for App Development


Sure, it’s great when companies release versions of their apps across multiple platforms, but not every group has the resources to undertake such a development task. When it comes to making the decision as to which devices to support, Sony Ericsson thinks that the smart bet is Android, pointing to both the number of available developers and the platform’s potential for global growth.

Sony Ericsson makes its point quite convincingly: Android already has a global reach, with access to the Android Market continuing to expand as well. Of course it makes sense that if you want your app to be a hit, you should see that it has the potential to reach as many users as possible.

The company also identified the speed at which new apps can be introduced to the Android Market as a major plus, not having to languish in what could be a lengthy approval process before end users can get their hands on them. Quick turn-around can also mean that a company has the potential to keep its apps more relevant to its users, reacting to the latest media or tech trends. Couple all that with the wide availability of programmers well-versed in Java, and you’ve got, as Sony Ericsson sees it, a pretty cut-and-dry case for choosing Android development over the alternatives.

Good points, sure, but this is coming from a company that only made its first Android handset, the Xperia X10, this year and its first Android app a little over a year ago. Previous Xperia models largely ran various Windows Mobile flavors, and SE has a long history crafting Symbian devices – prior to the merger, Ericsson was a Symbian pioneer with its R380, the first such handset.

Has Sony Ericsson seen the writing on the wall, deciding that Android is the future and that it wants to be on board? Sony has a habit of stubbornly sticking to its guns despite better options being out there (Memory Stick, anyone?), so you’ve got to believe that it’s soundly impressed with the Android community to throw this kind of weight behind it.

Source: Sony Ericsson (via PRWeb)

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