A Clever Windows Phone 7 Lockscreen Tweak


In Windows Phone 7, there’s not much you can do to customize the lock screen. You can change the wallpaper, but that’s pretty much it. A pocketnow reader didn’t let this limitation hamper his creativity. He’s created a lock screen wallpaper that will segment information in a really clean manner. The segments will only line up if your next appointment has a location associated with it (making it three lines long). The creator gives us a little bit of back story:

I really wanted a white on black wallpaper for my new Samsung Focus that truly took advantage of the gorgeous SAMOLED screen. At the same time, I wanted something reminiscent of the old Sense Metro UI skins on Windows Mobile 6.5.

After searching high and low for a system screenshot of the Windows Phone 7 lockscreen, I finally just busted out some graph paper and overlayed it over my screen and took down the coordinates. Using MS Paint, I seem to have made a working template for the WP7 lockscreen that boxes in the Time, Day, Date and your next Scheduled meeting, along with a few extra graphics.

I hope to send out this template for others to use and make much better ones, but this is simply a setup that gives people a grid around the text. So I figured I’d post it here in hope that you’d guys share it to the rest of the WP7 community.

It’s super easy to apply this little tweak, and it will work on any Windows Phone 7 device since they all share the same screen resolution. Visit this link for the template, or visit this link for the template with the “I <3 Windows Phone" graphics. Then, tap and hold the image and save it to your picture hub. Then, go into the picture hub and set the template as wallpaper. That's it! If you want to come up with a creative lockscreen wallpaper for Windows Phone 7, send us a News Tip and we’ll feature your design!

Thanks: Morgan G

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