No Windows Phone 7 Pre-Orders in the US


At this point it should really come as no surprise — considering that sales begin in less than a week — but it’s worth mentioning that neither AT&T nor T-Mobile will be taking pre-orders for their inventory of Windows Phone 7 launch devices. We could previously surmise from T-Mobile’s HTC HD7 landing page that there would be no pre-order period — a helpful notification feature is offered in case you forget when the 8th falls this month — and now AT&T has responded to a tweet by stating that handset availability would be on a “first come, first serve basis” starting on the day of release. Microsoft observer Paul Thurrott reports that the information came from @ATTJulie in response to a comment by @nathaneberlin bemoaning the lack of pre-release details from local retail locations.

As we’d already been told, the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround will go on sale next Monday, along with the HD7, followed a few days later by the LG Quantum. No stateside release window has been given yet for the Dell Venue Pro.

This lack of a pre-order period goes against standard practice for stateside carriers these days, as most high-end or flagship handsets are offered up early to eager buyers. Even Apple, which certainly doesn’t need pre-orders to create sell-out hits, lets customers hammer its server with reservations prior to an iPhone release. With Microsoft eyeing that very device as inspiration for some of its decisions regarding the features and ecosystem of WP7, we wonder why it didn’t try to build a little more hype and publicity by getting folks to buy-in early.

Source: Twitter

Via: Windows Phone Secrets

Image: Mobility Digest

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