Track Your Weight with Android and Your WiFi Scale


Like the late Chris Farley frequently said, “I’m not what you’d call an ‘attractive’ man”, which most would say was due to his weight. But losing weight isn’t an easy task. Doctors will tell you that it’s not all about weight, muscle mass, height, and various other factors should be taken in to consideration when determining what a “healthy” weight is.

One of the stumbling blocks on their road to fitness is the accurate recording and reporting or progress. There’s a good deal of data that needs to be recorded daily to find be able to determine if you’re trending toward or away from your goal. To make this easier Withings released a WiFi-enabled scale that connects to their web service and records the information for you. It’s pretty high-tech.

Step on the scale and your information is tallied and securely sent via 802.11b/g to your account at What’s really impressive is that it can tell who you are, so roommates, your significant other, or children can all use the scale, and it won’t think that you suddenly lost two-hundred pounds.

To make things even more convenient for you, they’re working on an Android app so you can keep track of your progress right on your phone. I said “working on” the app because it’s still in beta, and not yet available from the Android Market. If you can side-load an app on your phone, they’ll let you download the app from their website (use the QR-Code below to grab your copy).

The web service is free. The app is (currently) free. The scale, however, will run you around US$135.

With the holidays coming up, this would make a great present for yourself… but I’d think twice about giving it to a loved one.


Source: Withings Blog

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