T-Mobile Releases New 4G TV Spot, Announces New Coverage


T-Mobile is really pushing hard to inform the world of its “4G” network. As a reminder, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is not a true 4G technology as is LTE (coming soon from Verizon and AT&T) and WiMax (currently available from Sprint). The reason that T-Mobile can get away with touting its network as “4G” is because it can achieve 4G-like speeds of around 12mbps down to start (if you remember, we got our EVO 4G cranking at around 5mbps down on Sprint’s WiMax network) with much higher theoretical speeds in the future. To the consumer, it doesn’t really matter that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network isn’t true 4G…it’s all about speed and marketing.

Today, T-Mobile issued a press released announcing that HSPA+ will be available in 75 markets by the end of 2010, covering 200 million users. This puts them ahead of the other three major carrier’s attempt to deploy and expand their respective 4G networks.

“4G is about performance and today T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is delivering 4G speeds that match and often beat WiMAX and are comparable to what early LTE will deliver. Our 4G network is capable of theoretical speeds up to 21Mbps and we have seen average download speeds approaching five Mbps on our myTouch 4G phone in some cities with peak speeds of nearly 12 Mbps. Further, independent reviewers have seen average download speeds on our webConnect Rocket between 5 and 8 Mbps with peak speeds up to 8-10Mbps,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA. “The footprint of our 4G service is not something that competitors are going to match anytime soon, and starting today, we will begin marketing our network advantage with TV commercials advertising ‘America’s Largest 4G Network’ from T-Mobile.”

The “America’s Largest 4G Network” message will be communicated in an iconic, arresting and memorable way through national TV and digital advertisements that will begin airing today on major TV networks and cable TV stations, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and TNT, and appearing on websites, including AOL, MSN, Amazon.com and easily viewable on T-Mobile’s YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/tmobile.

T-Mobile expanded the availability of its 4G network to six additional metropolitan areas, including Chicago, Ill.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Louisville, Ky.; and Raleigh-Durham and Wilmington, N.C. T-Mobile customers with 4G devices in 75 metropolitan areas can now enjoy faster Web browsing, uninterrupted video streaming and quicker downloads at no additional cost.

Also new is the below advertisement, which portrays AT&T’s “old network” as a heavy piggyback on the iPhone 4. The ad goes on to tout the ability of the myTouch 4G to video chat anywhere, not just over WiFi. The timing couldn’t be better, as the myTouch 4G goes on sale today.

Source: Android and Me

Via: Engadget (1, 2)

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