HTC 7 Trophy Slower than Omnia 7, Showing Screen Problems?


All may not be well in Windows Phone 7 land, as the HTC 7 Trophy is currently the subject of inquiry regarding both its speed and screen quality. Specifically, a side-by-side comparison video (embedded at the bottom of this post) with a Samsung Omnia 7 shows the Sammy device loading a game noticeably faster, while a separate comparative shot between two Trophies seems to depict a significant different in viewing angles (pictured above and below).


In a thread translated from the original Dutch on site, user spenky provides several photos comparing a pre-release Trophy with one purchased after the European device launch, and the older unit appears to display richer, more natural colors when shot from an obtuse angle. Spenky claims that both devices were set to the same brightness for the testing. We’d heard previous rumors of manufacturing problems causing delays for HTC, but nothing specifically relating to device screens (which are a fairly standard Super LCD from Sony).

As for the speed issue, it was identified by YouTube user JonthanYong in a pair of videos (the second one done to placate commenters from the first clip), in which he launched the game Retrospaced simultaneously on both models. Not only does the Omnia 7 load the game faster initially, it also seems to behave snappier when moving from screen to screen. Since the two phones have nearly identical specs — including the exact same Snapdragon processor as dictated in Chassis 1 specifications — both the uploader and WMPoweruser suspect that the difference comes down to storage speed: it’s a known fact that the Omnia 7 only uses flash NAND modules, while the Trophy may be running third-party apps from slower microSD cards (although it’s far from certain whether the HTC handset does in fact contain said cards).

Any other theories as to why we might be seeing such a disparity in performance from such similarly-spec’ed devices?

Source: Tweakers, YouTube

Via: WMPoweruser (1),(2)

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