Verizon’s Tiered 3G Data Plans Start Today


This has been a rumor for a while now but today Verizon has released information about its tiered data plans.

3G smartphones must now have a minimum data package of $15 a month. For the $15 monthly fee, you will receive an included 150MB of data along with email access. Any overage is charged at a fixed rate of a further $15 per 150MB.

The $29.99 monthly plan gets you an unlimited data plan with email. At first glance this appears to be the better deal. If you go over the 150MB allowance and are on the $15 plan, it will cost you more than the unlimited plan.

Verizon Data

In comparison, AT&T currently offers a $15 plan with 200MB of data included; you then pay $15 for an extra 200MB should you go over your allowance. AT&T do not offer an unlimited plan, but for $25 a month you will get 2GB of data. If you exceed that, it costs $10 for every GB thereafter

Verizon has put together a handy data calculator to enable you to accurately determine your monthly data requirement.

The plans are available now for all new smartphones.

Source: Verizon

Via: unwiredview

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