Navigon Brings Augmented Reality GPS to Android


One of the problems with most GPS apps is the fact that they display information yet another “instrument display” which is just one more place you look, taking your eyes off the road.

The thought behind Navigon’s Mobile Navigator app is simple: use on-device maps, plus your phone’s camera, to provide an augmented reality experience to GPS. Being able to see the road while looking at your maps (even if it is on the device’s screen rather than on a heads-up-display) could potentially be a very big safety measure. Even if it’s not, the cool factor is very, very high!


Navigon Mobile Navigator‘s maps are fairly large, you’ll need about 1.5GB of free space on your sdcard, and you’ll want to be connected to the internet via WiFi to download them. Once the maps are on your phone you don’t need an internet connection to be able to use the app, though traffic information and updates won’t come through until you’re under a data bubble.


Since this is their first Android app they’re offering it for just shy of US$40. After the two-week introductory period the price is expected to settle at US$60.


Source: Engadget

Images: Engadget, AppBrain

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