IMDb App for Windows Mobile 6.5 Gets New Developer & Update


Unfortunately, Windows Mobile 6.x never received an official IMDb application like the one we demoed for Windows Phone 7. However, thanks to XDA, there’s an unofficial app that gives access to many key features. The original developer announced a while back that he would be discontinuing development due to jumping platforms; however, today, a new developer has taken the reigns.

The new developer, who goes by The Darkman, has updated the IMDb app with a long list of additions and fixes, with hopefully, more to come in the future for those of us still rolling with the Windows Mobile crowd. Check out the full changelog below and as always, grab the latest download from XDA-developers.


Changes in v0.8:

– Added: Bottom and Top 100.

– Added: Settings page and filmography page are now translatable.

– Added: A no image available image when no image is available for a movie or actor.

– Added: Movie covers on filmography (movies of actor) page.

– Added: Missing android icons on movie page.

– Added: Spanish language.

– Added: A Cache folder for the cached items. (so the install folder stays clean)

– Added: Search box is cleared when returning on Home screen.

– Fixed: The images on the cast “preview” page.

– Fixed: The bug that when a movie does not have a cover not all movie information is shown.

– Fixed: If a search already exists in Recent Searches the oldest occurrence is deleted.

– Fixed: It isn’t possible anymore to search when no search term is entered.

– Fixed: Movie Items (goofs/episodes/quotes/etc) are now not shown when not available.

– Fixed: In the Settings screen, the keyboard automatically closes when saving or cancelling.

– Fixed: On the Coming soon page the release date is now translatable.

– Fixed: Fixed a bug on actor page, text was unreadable by actors with to long biography.

– Fixed: Trailers functionality. Removed the not working trailers


– Screen/Orientation Independent

– User Ratings/Reviews

– External Reviews

– Search Movies/TV/Video Games/Actors

– Finger-friendly interface

– DVD Covers

– Actor Headshots

– Trivia

– Quotes

– Photos

– Top 250

– Bottom 100

– Coming Soon List

– Videos/Trailers

– Goofs

– App-To-Date Support

– TV Episode Listings

– Parental Guide Info

– Movie Certificates

(Source: XDA-developers)

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