Mac Connector for Windows Phone 7


Even though globally, the percentage of Apple Mac users is around 4%, there is a very high percentage of technology/gadget/phone reviewers who do use Macintosh computers. If one of these Mac-based reviewers were to review a phone that would only work with software that required Windows, do you think they’ll take the time to boot into Windows and try it out? Probably not. It’s more likely they’ll just complain about the lack of Mac support and cite that as a major con.

Luckily, Microsoft noticed that these Mac-based reviewers tend to be very influential in the tech community and decided to develop some client software that will help Mac users manage, sync with, and upgrade their Windows Phone 7. This is a pretty big deal as it seems Microsoft is taking their reviewers very seriously.

A couple months back there were early preview reviews of the developer devices and pre-release Windows Phone 7 software. Many of the reviewers mentioned the lack of Mac support, lack of Copy/Paste, and the huge merging of Facebook friends with the contacts as cons. The Facebook merging was given an option in the RTM build, the Mac support is just now being resolved, and the lack of Copy/Paste features will be implemented in an update coming soon. This should give reviewers some significant confidence in Microsoft’s ability to move quickly on this new OS.


The Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac is not a full Zune client. It’s a simple tool for syncing and transferring music/videos between iTunes and images between iPhoto. Of course it cannot support DRM protected iTunes content that you might have bought (only Apple can decide what players can play their DRM content).

Another important feature of the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac is the ability to update your phone with the latest operating system updates. The public beta of the connector will not initially be able to do this, however it should include those features by the time the next update is available for Windows Phone 7.


Do you know any Mac users who are interested in getting a Windows Phone 7?

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