Where Did G2’s Missing 2GB Go? (speculation)


We’ve heard plenty of people upset that their new G2 only has “half the storage space” that was advertised. Internal storage on the G2 was supposed to be a full 4GB, but reports are flowing in that new devices are seeing less than two gigabytes.

A phone call to some contacts at T-Mobile turned up that all those polled were seeing the same amount of internal storage. After digging deeper it was decided that this was because of “creative partitioning”.

Okay, so I don’t buy the whole “system reserved” space taking up over 2GB. I can run Froyo on my G1 and load up all the Google apps that come pre-packaged on the G2, and still have room left over — and the G1 only had 256MB ROM.

Perhaps the internal storage is cut in half (or thereabouts). One half could be used for user-storage, the other half for handling the G2’s now infamous “no root for you” protection scheme.

Let’s pretend this is the case. If so, the G2 would need a “source” repository in which it would hold the un-modified ROM files (and a checksum to compare against). It would then need a location to hold the runtime files (the files that the device uses to run — and that we’ve been able to root against).

This would essentially mean that the “ROM” would occupy twice the space needed for the redundant (or backup) set, right? Perhaps this is where the missing space is being used?

What are your thoughts?

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