T-Mobile to Throttle Data Use Over 5GB


T-Mobile has officially announced plans to start throttling subscribers mobile data speeds if they go over a 5GB threshold. Users that go over their threshold will receive a text message informing them that their speeds will be reduced until the next billing cycle however no specific details of the speed reductions have been released.

Beginning on October 16, T-Mobile will begin to reduce data speeds when a customer reaches 5GB of usage in a billing cycle, in accordance with T-Mobile terms and conditions. This change should only affect extreme data users (less than 1 percent) and is being made to ensure that all subscribers receive the best Web performance available by limiting the number of extreme data users on our network.

The majority of T-Mobile customers should not be affected by this change. The new 5GB threshold limit, which is equivalent to approximately 125,000 yahoo.com page visits, is enough bandwidth to satisfy most customers’ Web and data needs.

If a customer happens to reach the 5GB limit, they will receive a free text message informing them their data speed will be reduced.

This seems to be a common move by operators all over the world at the moment, but coming from the UK, 5 GB seems like a huge amount of data, we are used to 500 MB monthly allowances, and 2GB at best. Can you actually burn through 5GB in a month?

Source: The Unlockr

Via: BGR

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