How-To One-Click TempRoot Your G2


You got a T-Mobile G2. You learned how to root it the hard way only to find out that your “root” permissions went away the next time you rebooted your phone. The old rooting method was so cumbersome that you may have decided it wasn’t worth doing again after each boot, so you just gave up.

Until now.

Following in the footsteps of other “one-click root” solutions comes VISIONary (referring to HTC’s codename for the G2: the HTC Vision).

What’s different about this method? To start with, it’s an app. You run it, it roots you. Done. Still, it’s a temporary solution, but not to worry! There are two versions of the app: Manual and Boot.

The manual version runs and roots when you tell it to. Download and install the app from the link in this article in Modaco. Once it’s downloaded:

1. Reboot your G2

2. Open your app drawer and click the VISIONary icon

– Phase 1 runs

– Logo disappears briefly as app reloads

– Phase 2 runs

– App disappears and root is complete

The boot version of the app is the same as the manual version, with the exception that it runs (and root) automatically at boot. (Don’t do this until you’ve confirmed that the manual version works on your device!)

It’s not a permanent solution to getting root, but it’ll do for now.

As an aside, some people are noting that the app (currently r2) gets stuck in a loop.

Most of the time this is because step 1 wasn’t followed (reboot). Starting over and following all the steps correctly generally fixes the problem.

Others, myself included, can’t get the root to finish (and are stuck in the loop) even after rebooting three times. The developer plans to update the app to handle this type of loop in r3, but that will only save you another reboot, it likely won’t give you root. In that case, it’s back to the old method.

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