G-Alarm Creators Preparing Windows Phone 7 Apps


The Ageye brand is well-known in the Windows Phone community for making excellent software. They were the creative minds behind the popular G-Alarm, G-Weather, and G-Profile apps for Windows Mobile 6.x. Ageye is branching out to the new breed of Windows Phone and they’ll have some apps ready when the first WP7 devices hit store shelves soon.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing a revamped G-Alarm, but we do have information and screenshots of two upcoming Ageye apps, Bing.Fight! and G-Sports. The former seems to be purely for entertainment purposes, while the latter is for those of us living active lifestyles.

G-Sports screenshots and description:


This app is for sports enthusiasts who like to keep track of their running statistics. As a stopwatch and a GPS tracker, G-Sports can collect training data like your distance, speed, pace, and calories. It can also display your route on a map and show graphs of your data. In the workout calendar, all your sessions can be saved, loaded, and even emailed to you. This can be handy if you feel like looking over data using your computer.

The speech output feature allows the user to stay connected with the app without having to actually look at the device during a training session. Additional features include being able to assign a title and activity to a session, customizing the main screen, and support for unlimited lap times.


Bing.Fight! screenshots and description:


Bing.Fight! is a free app in which you can search and compare two keywords with the Bing search engine. It lists the number of returned results for both words, so you can see which is being searched more. The app also offers some online lists to see what keywords are being compared by the community (funny fights, last fights, popular fights, etc).

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