Verizon iPhone 4 Appears in First Images? [Update]


Update: Yeah, just as we thought, Gizmodo just confirmed their source is indeed a fake. This is just a housing replacement for the iPhone 4. Watch Technobuffalo’s videos on how to get it done if you’re still drooling over a white iPhone 4.

Alright everybody, if all rumors hold true, this is supposed to be the first image ever of the future Verizon iPhone 4, or a close prototype. This one wasn’t left at a bar, but following WSJ’s and the NYT’s latest confirmation that a Verizon iPhone 4 will exist next year, it was only a matter of time before images began to leak.

The first and most important part of this leak, if not the only one, is noticing the new brushed aluminum backing to replace the glass on glass design. I’m sure Apple is getting tired of the new Glassgate complaints, but it does seem weird for Apple to return to a the metallic materials they dropped in the first generation iPhone due to reception issues.

Yeah, we know what you think: Could this be the current iPhone 4 with some sort of housing replacement? Our thoughts are that it’s most likely the case since Technobuffalo proved this is totally possible with their White iPhone 4 videos. So are we convinced? Well the engraving does lead for us to give it a 5 out of 10 in credibility:

500x gizmodo iphone verizon 2

Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China

<...>el41332EVC38CA FCCID-BCGE25BDA IC:579C-E25

Par of the rumors also mention the front will be black, and that there will be a Verizon iPhone product red, just as we’ve seen with the iPod line up. They also mention the device will include a bumper out of the box just to keep you happy. I guess only time will tell if this is real, and where’s a drunk engineer at a bar when you need one,.. ehh..?

(Via: Gizmodo)

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