HTC’s Windows Phone 7 Codenames Deciphered?


So we think we may have solved the confusing web of codenames surrounding HTC’s Windows Phone 7 launch lineup. Although not all the pieces fit perfectly, we find the following scenario to be most likely. We’ll start with the easy ones and move on to less concrete associations.

1. HD7 = Shubert/Schubert

This one has been common knowledge for several days now, and many sources have already started to use the two names interchangeably.

2. 7 Mozart = Mozart

Sort of a no-brainer at first glance, but it bothers us that HTC would use the same branding and codename; not really the company’s style.

3. 7 Trophy = Spark

We’ve had an image of the Spark ever since its ROM leaked, and now it’s pretty clear that this matches the press shots of the 7 Trophy.

4. 7 Surround = Mondrian

The only real pieces of evidence to support this pairing, are A. The leaked AT&T ad we saw stating that the network was picking up the Mondrian, and B. Separate word from retired Windows Phone developer Conflipper to the same effect. Since AT&T is only stocking one WP7 device from HTC, we figure that Surround has to be Mondrian.

5. 7 Pro = Gold

By far the weakest connection, again the only evidence to support this theory comes from Conflipper’s claim that a Gold would be coming to Sprint. Plus, Gold is the only codename we had left as we shuffled these puzzle pieces around.

So, how do you think we did? Criticisms welcome!

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