T-Mobile’s My Account Android App Released, Now Actually Useful


If you’re a T-Mobile customer running an Android device your phone probably came pre-installed with the T-Mobile My Account app.

Version 4.2 RC2 of the T-Mobile My Account app just hit the Android Market. Those of you running Froyo will need to do a manual update due to a change in the app’s permissions.

What’s new? You’ll first notice an entirely new look to the app. Next, on devices running Android 2.0+ you’ll no longer need to turn off WiFi to use the app (my biggest pet peeve about the old version of the app).

The app is divided into four tabs:


– New Minutes Start: Shows you when your “new minutes” start, so you can budget your talk-time accordingly

– Whenever Minutes Used: Shows the percentage of your minutes used, as well as the way they calculated the percentage (minutes used / minutes-on-play)

– Messages Used: The number of text messages you’ve sent/received

Set Alerts

This tab allows you to set alerts based on minutes used, messages used, and even can send you a payment reminded.

Not account related, but a nice included item is a power saver alert to notify you when your battery is getting low.


The billing summary screen shows you the amount due, when your new minutes start, and the amount of the last payment received.

You can pay your bill using your phone, sign up for paperless billing (paper-billing no longer carries a per-month premium, by the way), and displays your payment history.


The plan & services tab show you what plan you’re currently using along with the details of the plan. It also details the additional services that you’ve signed up for (“Android Unlimited Web”, “WorldClass International Service”, etc.).

Pressing the Menu button gives you two more options: About (the app), and “My Device”. About is self-explanatory. “My Device” includes various tools to help you personalize your device, get tips and tricks, and a very nicely done “Storage and Battery” screen.

T-Mobile took a relatively useless and frustrating app, gave it a slick new look, and made it very usable. I’m impressed.

If you’re using a T-Mobile Android device (1.6+), grab the My Account app from the Market. If you work for another carrier, this is the way your app should work (Sprint, are you listening?).

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