Windows Phone Marketplace Indicates Lots of Developer Interest


Following in the launch of Windows Marketplace for Mobile in the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft is generating a lot of developer buzz with Windows Phone Marketplace, which is slated for the Windows Phone 7. With the new mobile Windows Phone Marketplace app store for Windows Phone, Microsoft’s efforts in courting developers have seemingly paid off. According to the company’s guidelines for developers on the Windows Phone blog, Microsoft expects lots of interested developers, which will hopefully result in a multitude of titles for Windows Phone 7, something that will definitely be needed as Microsoft continues to battle Apple and Android in the app space.

The company is really counting on developers to create a unique and great experience for Windows Phone 7: “We’ve given Marketplace an overhaul so that the quality of the developer experience in distributing apps and games matches our commitment to the customer experience on our new phone.”

According to the guidance, the initial round of developers who get approved for Windows Phone Marketplace will be in the “couple of thousand,” a promising sign that there may be lots more developers interested in creating compelling apps. Microsoft will notify those thousands of developers on October 6th, giving them additional information and guidance in this early pool of accepted developers:

“Deadline for registered developers to respond to the invitation to participate in early submission. Of those that request access, an initial group of a couple of thousand developers will be accepted on a first come, first served basis to receive guidance and early access to the new application submission and certification process.”

Of course, Microsoft will continue to allow additional developers in so if you’re not among the first developers, don’t fret. According to the company, between mid-October through November, “Microsoft will continue processing submissions and prioritizing new requests in the order they are received until the self-serve submission process is broadly enabled.”

Hopefully, this process will yield quality apps, and not just ported fart apps.

(via: WMExperts)

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