Samsung Continuum Appears With Verizon, Galaxy S Branding? [Update]


Samsung may be launching yet another Galaxy S-branded smartphone for Verizon, currently known as the Samsung Continuum, if information and photos published by Engadget pan out as genuine. Most intriguing about this handset is its secondary OLED display beneath the capacitive row of buttons, which is said to be called the Ticker and be capable of displaying various infoswag such as RSS feeds or weather data whenever the bottom of the phone is grasped.


Now what’s got us a little curious is the fact that VZW would stock this model at the same time as the Fascinate, especially since we were under the impression that Galaxy S is a single model and not a line of phones. So what’s going on here? Well thanks again to Eldar Murtazin, we think we might have a clue. After yesterday’s suggestion that potential buyers snatch up the Samsung Wave and Galaxy S on the quick, the Russian blogger is now positing that while the Wave will in fact be outfitted with a larger TFT LCD (replacing its AMOLED display), the Galaxy S as we know it is being discontinued altogether. According to Murtazin, Samsung sold its last batch of AMOLED displays to Apple for a product to be released next year.

We think that based on these facts, plus the likelihood that Samsung is committed to providing a certain quantity of Galaxy S to service providers, that it may simply replace the Fascinates, Captivates, and Vibrants of the world with an LCD-based alternative, one whose lack of an AMOLED screen is somewhat tempered by that unique OLED Ticker at the bottom. Or we could be totally off-base here, and the shortage has nothing at all to with a second phone appearing bearing both Galaxy S and Verizon branding. What do you think?

Update: Perhaps not coincidentally, The Droid Guy has published a photo (pictured below) of a similar-looking device being referred to as the Samsung i400 and headed to, you guessed it, Verizon. Same handset or different? You be the judge. (via, and image courtesy of: The Droid Guy)


(via: Engadget and Twitter, images courtesy of: Engadget)

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