CyanogenMod 6.1 to Support HTC’s Fast Boot


Lucky for us Android users, we don’t have to reboot often. When we hit the “power” button the phone goes into a sleep mode which usually turns off the screen and WiFi (unless you’ve told it to do otherwise). This lets the phone stay ready to receive emails, text messages, and phone calls at a moment’s notice.

Sometimes, however, you just want to turn the thing off: movie theaters, and when you’re asleep come to mind. Unfortunately, turning the phone back on again usually takes around 30-45 seconds. That’s far too long given today’s technology.

HTC decided to change that with their new “fast boot algorithm” which comes on their phones sporting the latest version of HTC Sense. “Fast boot” isn’t powering off like we are used to on Android phones, it’s more like your laptop’s hibernation mode, where in-RAM information is written to non-volatile memory so that it can be loaded back into RAM quickly.

Naturally, everyone wants it, and Steve Kondik (better known as Cyanogen of CyanogenMod ROM infamy) has decided to do something about it: he’s working on including it in the forthcoming CyanogenMod 6.1.

Take a look and see it in action on this “blurry-cam” video running on a Nexus One.

This works great for its intended purpose, but doesn’t replace the “cold boot”. You’ll likely still need to shut down and reboot every once in a while.

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