Your Twitter Questions Answered! 9/24/10 Edition


You’ve got smartphone questions, and we’ve got answers! Today we sent out a tweet through @pocketnowTweets (be sure to follow us so that you can be a part of this segment) asking for your questions. Without further adieu, here are some answers…

@TheAListAlexIz: Will the EVO be getting the new Sense UI?

Officially? Probably, considering that the EVO 4G is HTC’s flashship device in the US right now. That said, HTC hasn’t made a comment either way, in fact, Eric Lin of HTC was pretty much neutral on the topic when asked by Engadget. That said, you’ll be able to get the new Sense on the EVO 4G pretty soon thanks to the development work at XDA.

@nickrophilia: What would you say would be the best phone right now out there, with good camera functions and social networking?

That’s two different questions! The phone with the best camera right now is probably the iPhone 4. I’ve personally tested the camera of almost every high end smartphone out there right now, and the iPhone 4 just can’t be beat. Best social networking? That depends on which service you use the most. HTC’s Sense interface for Android does a great job integrating Facebook and Twitter. You’ll probably enjoy a device like the Droid Incredible, Desire (original, HD, or Z), or the EVO 4G.

@jamesforsey6: will the lg optimus one have pinch to zoom?

Multi-touch is a requirement for Windows Phone 7, so all devices running that operating system will do pinch to zoom.

@silverwolf1977: Do the Android social networking apps alert you to comments and messages like the BlackBerry social networking apps do?

Depends on which app you’re using. Most programs, if left open, will send you notifications when you’ve gotten a direct message or a reply. I like Twidroyd.

@patatdrolleke83: Do you think MS will update their basic requirements for WP7 in the future? Like a gyroscope and add gyro API via updates?

It’s tough to say. I think they don’t even know. We’ll have to see how the smartphone industry evolves. It’s possible that in two years, a built-in projector becomes the next “must have” feature of smarpthones, and as a result, Microsoft could mandate that all WP7 (or WP8, etc) devices must have this capability.

@thekid1990: Is the hd3 any different than the hd2 as far as specs go? It seems to me that the wp7 is the only thing different.

They are very, very similar. If the rumored specs are to believed, the only major difference is that the HD3/HD7 has more built-in storage space, and of course, no expandable storage.

@Echenor: Anyone at Pocketnow actually awaiting Nokia N8 or future Symbian handsets?

A few of us are excited about the N8 and the future of Symbian, but generally the conensus amount us, and we think the smartphone community in general, is that Symbian’s glory is fading fast. While Symbian^3 is a nice jump, it still is inferior in many ways compared to the other smartphone platforms out there.

@siggty7: will you talk about the front facing camera on wp7 and how is it gonna compeer to FaceTime on IP4?

Windows Phone 7 will not support front-facing cameras to start.

@Sebianoti: How do i know if my HTC Desire has a normal AMOLED screen rather than the shit one?

Haha. First off, many find that the SLCD alternative screen is as good as the AMOLED, and not “shit” as you imply =D. To find out which you’re rocking, check out the box, or read our little guide.

Thanks to everyone that sent in a question!

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