Latest Froyo News for Samsung Galaxy S Phones


Are you confused about all the Galaxy S models from Samsung? If so you’re not alone.

The Galaxy S goes by many names.

– On Sprint it’s the Epic 4G

– On T-Mobile US it’s the Vibrant

– On AT&T it’s the Captivate

– On Verizon it’s the Fascinate

– In other places it’s called the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

The phone is basically the same across the various carriers. There are, however, some differences. Some have features the others do not and they each have radios specific to their carrier. One of the similarities is that they’re all currently all running Android 2.1.

Recent updates have come to the various devices, some bringing the long-awaited “GPS Fix”, other’s upgrading the Samsung Media Hub app from a simple placeholder to the full version of the app.

But what’s still missing is Froyo — Android 2.2.

According to AndroidSpin, T-Mobile UK says the Froyo update will hit their Galaxy S by the end of September 2010.

Other Europeans may not be so lucky. GSM Arena is reporting that the Samsung I9000 update has been delayed until sometime in October 2010.

What’s particularly absent is news regarding the U.S. versions of the phone. We still expect (hope?) the Froyo update will be available for us before the end of the year… but something inside me is holding out hope for skipping Froyo completely and jumping straight to Gingerbread. This is just conjecture, but a guy can hope, can’t he?

Have you heard anything about when Froyo may be coming to your Samsung Galaxy s?

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