HTC Desire HD ROM Walkthrough (Video)


The Desire HD ROM has been leaked, and it’s now available for those of you that rock an HTC HD2 (and it’s working quite well with phone support, WiFi support, and more). Soon it’ll be available for other Android devices (once the developers of the world get their hands dirty). And with the Desire HD ROM, we get to see the many changes that HTC has made to its proprietary Sense interface.

First, we cover skins, which is an addition to Sense that HTC didn’t mention at its press event. You can finally change the look and feel of Sense through a variety of themes, such as slate or wood. The skin-choosing interface has a nice 3D design, which HTC is now using for many of its option screens. When you dial into the Scenes picker, you get the same 3D interface. The skins are pretty neat, and it seems that once launches, you’ll get to choose even more skins.

Many of the widgets have been updated to feature more content. This is done by reducing the thickness of the borders of the widgets. Also, some of the widgets have been updated to show you more information. The Favorite People widget can show you social media status. The Email widget gives you a messages preview, etc.

Also new is the notification area that lets you quickly switch between recently used apps. This is an alternative to holding down the Home button.

Coming up soon, we’ll dive deeper into the new Sense interface and show you the new maps application which pre-caching map data onto your storage card.

(via: XDA)

P.S. Want to get the Desire ROM on your HD2? Download the files from the source link. Then, drop all of the files onto your storage card, and open haret.exe from your file explorer. Wait a long time (about 15 minutes on the first boot), and you’ll see the Desire HD ROM!

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