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If you’re one of the people that wants to get on the “Mobile App” bandwagon, now is most certainly the time. I recently had the opportunity to prepare an RFQ for an iPhone app and submit it to half-a-dozen app developers. (I know, I know, I’m the “Android Guy”, but that’s what these guys wanted. :: sigh ::) Quotes for this app ranged everywhere from US$5,000 to over US$60,000. Why the difference? I don’t know, but the point I’d like to make is that’s a LOT of green for a mobile app!

How do you get started with making an app?

No, this isn’t a tutorial on how to make an app, rather, it’s a high-level look at the process.

First, you need an idea. It’s not good enough to just plunk and app in the Market, it’s got to do something. (Believe it or not this is a huge stumbling block for many people who just “want to have an app” for the sake of having an app.)

Next you need a design concept — emphasis on “concept”. This design should be fairly rough and flexible enough to be changed quickly, like I mentioned in my previous article. Once a concept design is decided upon it’s time to start refining the design.

To help with the “final” design part of the development process WebDesignShock has come up a GUI set for Photoshop to do just just. Available in both “standard” and “Sense” formats, their design kit lets you get right into the heavy design work without reinventing the wheel. “The package includes fully editable Photoshop files, original fonts and previews, everything that you may need in order to customize your set according to your preferences.” What’s even cooler is that they’re offering it for free! Head over to their site for the downloadable goodies.

Of course, after the design is done and signed off, it’s time to start coding the app. But that’s a much more in-depth article, and beyond the scope of what we can cover here.

Lastly, you submit the app to the Market and start raking in the cash.

(Thanks for the tip, EVO Steve!)

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