iPhone Changing Lives Of Autistic Children Through An App


I know I’ve been full of iPhone rants lately, but here’s something really worth a positive note for the day. NewsChannel 10 reports that the iPhone is being used in Amarillo, Texas to help Autistic Children communicate with other people through an iOS App. Watch the news report after the break:

According to the report: WT’s Associate Professor of Special Education says, “That’s one of the defining characteristics of autism and other communication disabilities is communication problems. But the iPad, the iPhone the iPod all give them a way of communicating that can be personalized. It sets them free. It gives them a voice.”

The app is designed to let them tell others what they’re thinking… They touch the picture of what they want on the screen and the app says it out loud… Things like “I want to watch TV”, “Hello. My name is Kristen” or “I’m hungry.”

Speech Pathologist Donna Phillips says, “They have several very realistic voices that are male, female and children’s voices and the child can then using touching that picture to communicate that message.”

The tricky part was that there was no such mention of which app they were talking about, so judging from the screen shots, I did some research and it turns out to be Proloquo2Go, which is a full communication assistant for people that have difficulty speaking. Surely it may be considered expensive at a $189.99 price tag, but given specialized computers for this specific task cost thousands of dollars, we know this is a smarter solution for many so here’s the iTunes link.

(Via: NewsChannel 10)

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