HTC HD3 / HD7 Rumored Again, Features Amazing Spec Sheet


If information published by Australian is to be believed — and that is a big if — HTC will be using its September 15th event to reveal an HD2 successor with a dream spec sheet. Without mentioning any specific sources, the site claims that the so-called HD3 will be a 10-millimeter-thick, Windows Phone 7-powered beast sporting a 4.5-inch AMOLED display with incredible 1280 x 800 resolution. If that sounds a little suspicious, how about the reported dual-core 1.5GHz ARM processor and 1800mAh battery?

The rest of the alleged specs on this device, supposedly codenamed 6HTHD7XM, fall more into the realm of possibility, such as the rumored 1GB of RAM, 32GB of on-board storage (remember, no microSD for WP7 kit), HDMI out, eight-megapixel, HD-recording camera with dual-LED flashes, and some unnamed flavor of 4G data, likely LTE.

Now we’ve certainly heard recent rumors of an impending HD3 launch, most recently in the form of a report that said it would ship in October as the HD7 on UK carrier O2. For its part, Smarthouse is claiming a three-month Australian exclusivity period for domestic provider Telstra.

While this rumored handset would seem to deliver nearly high-end feature possible, it helps to view several of these specs with a healthy degree of skepticism. Primarily, we know that AMOLED screens are in short supply as it is — HTC had already had to switch out its Desire screens for Super LCDs from Sony — and that the initial Chassis 1 specifications for Windows Phone 7 limit screen resolution to 480 x 854 WVGA+, seemingly precluding a WXGA display.

Not to mention that an HD3 fan mockup from all the way back in March (pictured) contains many of the same specifications — upon closer examination, the differences between the two feature sets are mostly trivial.

In fact, the only tidbit that gives this rumor any credence at all is the fact that the alleged codename contains the alphanumeric snippet “HD7” — the same name O2 reportedly gave this rumored HD2 follow-up in that allegedly-official spreadsheet.

Note: The image accompanying this article is a mock-up published in March, and is only being used for illustrative purposes. Thanks to Cameron for the heads up that more clarification was necessary.

Update: WMPowerUser astutely points out that Smarthouse may have just grabbed that “6HTHD7XM” codename from the purported O2 spreadsheet and mixed in the specs from the NAK mockup, which were incidentally making the rounds as legitimate as recently as early July. We’ll obviously know one way or the other come the 15th.

(via 1800PocketPC and Smarthouse, image courtesy of NAK)

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