Update: iOS 4.1 Being Released Next Week, iOS 4.2 in November


As we predicted, iOS 4.1 is getting released today, but the good part is that it brings a lot more stuff than we expected. Gotta love Apple typos.. Which is the iPhone 3 Steve??.. Alright, we’ll cut you some slack and take that as an iPhone 3G.

1. To start, you’ll get a couple of Bug fixes. First of all, the Proximity Sensor fix iPhone 4 owners are waiting for, Bluetooth issues (I assume with BT keyboards) and the iPhone 3G performance issues.. for nearly nothing good in the enhancement department aside from folders though..

iOS 4 1 info1

2. We finally get our hands on GameCenter for iOS devices,.. we’ll see if we like it once it becomes a reality..

3. And TV rentals for $1

4. iTunes Ping?????.. Social network for sharing what you’re listening with others?.. Ehh.. Facebook, MySpace no fear, this sounds like the next Apple flop (hobby) to me..

iOS 4 1 info2

5. We’ll also get High Dynamic Range photos to the iPhone to enhance imagery performance. What’s this? Well, the device takes three separate photos of each shot, one with highlights, shadows, and midranges… and it combines them together to make HDR photos. Most likely this’ll be an iPhone 4 only feature.

6. HD Video uploads over Wi-Fi

To know more about iOS 4.1, here’s the updated Apple link.

As for iOS 4.2, even though it’ll be a bit more iPad centric, it’ll bring AirPlay to iOS devices. AirPlay is the new name for AirTunes which allows you to stream music all over your house through the same wireless connection. AirPlay, on the other hand, will let you stream all sorts of media content around your connection. This iOS update will be available on November.

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