Simple Hack to Allow Dell Streak to Sideload Apps


Part of the problem with Android devices for AT&T’s network is that the carrier refuses to allow users to sideload apps, citing security concerns, and forcing users into Android Market as the only channel available to obtain third-party applications for Android devices. With the powerful Dell Streak, a very capable tablet-smartphone hybrid, users now have a quick and easy hack that will enable their Streak tablets to get non-Android Market apps onto their devices.

Here are the steps to sideload your apps, as detailed on AndroidSPIN:

1. Dial *#*#307#*#* on your Streak. Other than a quick flash on the screen, it will look like nothing has happened.

2. Go to your app drawer/program menu and tap a new icon labeled EMList. If the icon is not there, turn off the Streak. It should be there when you turn it on again.

3. Scroll to the bottom and tap app_security.

4. Tap update unknown resource property to enable it.

5. You’re done! Now go back to Home, and press Menu. Go to Settings > Applications, and you should now have an “Unknown Sources” check box available to you. This will now allow you to download any app of your choosing directly from a webpage or SD card. If for any reason you want or need to uninstall the EMList, simply go to your dialer and type in the following keys:*#*#308#*#*.

That’s all there is to it. No rooting required, no bootloader or codes to mess with.

(via: AndroidSPIN)

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